On this site we try to answer the most frequently asked questions about the Busbiker and their order.

FAQ about the Busbiker and ordering it

Pivot point of the Busbiker
The pivot point of the Busbiker XM250 for Ducato, Jumper and Boxer from 2007 is always left.
This has been chosen so that you do not have to open the Busbiker completely to open the rear doors.
This means you take up less length on the motorhome.
Due to type approvals and the like, it is not possible to get the pivot point on the other side.
Maximum trailer weight
The maximum permissible trailer weight depends on the maximum weight of the towing vehicle.
The following table can not be deviated from. kN = 12.5

Permissible max. Mass of the vehicle     3500 Kg   3300 Kg   3000 Kg
Trailer braked                                          2004 Kg | 2076 Kg | 2215 Kg

How long does it take before you receive your order?
Your order will only be processed at the time your payment is received by us.
After that your Busbiker will be packed together with the options you have ordered.
The Busbikers with Dutch shipping address will be delivered to you within 7-10 days.
The Busbikers with a foreign shipping address will be delivered to you within 10-14 days after receiving the payment.
If you have chosen to pick up in Culemborg, it will be ready for you from 3 days after receiving your payment.

Payment options
When ordering the Busbiker (s) you can pay directly by Bank Transfer (SEPA), but this must be done within a few days after the order.
For this you will immediately receive the required payment details when ordering. Make sure you pay on the IBAN account number and use the correct reference codes. The payment can not be processed if this reference is not filled correctly or additional text is added. We recommend paying per Ideal.
If you have opted for assembly in Culemborg you can also pay cash. (not with Credit Card)
When will I receive the invoice?
You will receive the invoice only after we have received your payment.
The invoice is sent to the e-mail address you provided with the order.
This is the standard method at Webshops.
We have no other option for tax reasons.
Can I assemble the Busbiker myself?
The Busbiker must be fitted by a specialist.
Both the assembly of the auto-electro set and the Busbiker must be done by a specialist.
You need special tools for both.
How long does the assembly take?
The assembly of the Busbiker takes about 4 to 5 hours.
We always start at 08.00 or 13.00 on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
Always consult with our workshop manager beforehand or if an old bicycle rack or towbar needs to be disassembled.
During the assembly of the Busbiker you can stay in our coffee corner or go hiking or cycling in the area.
Make sure you have taken any bikes from the camper before the start time.
During assembly you may not be allowed to work in our workshop for safety reasons.

Which electrical connection do I need on the motorhome?
For the Busbiker you need a 13-pole Jeager connection.
The Busbiker has both fog lamp and reversing light.
We also always connect the switched and the constant+ when mounting in Culemborg.

Installation instructions
You will receive the installation instructions immediately when ordering.
You can, however, also download them from our site.
Can the old towbar remain?
No the old towbar must be completely disassembled.
The Busbiker is mounted in the same places.
If you want to take the old towbar home with you, 
You can pass it on to the workshop manager at the start of the assembly.
You can order a detachable towbar at the Busbiker, which costs € 250, - incl. VAT.
Rear sensors
If reversing sensors are now mounted on your motorhome, these will be canceled.
This is because there is no more space behind the bumper cover for the sensors.
In addition, the sensors would also continue to beep.
Many customers choose to replace the current bumper cover with a new one.
If you want to maintain the old cover, we will carefully glue the holes of the reversing sensors.
No the old towbar must be completely disassembled.The Busbiker is mounted in the same places.If you want to take the old towbar home with you, you can pass it on to the workshop manager at the start of the assembly.You can order a detachable towbar at the Busbiker, which costs € 250, - incl. VAT.

Take 3rd and 4th bike on Busbiker
If you want to take a 3rd and / or 4th bike on the Busbiker you have to order one or two extension sets.
The extension set consists of a Wheel Tray Rail Premium Black and a variable Bikeholder Block D1.
The mounting holes are already present on the Busbiker.
The expansion set is easy to assemble yourself.
If you want to stay overnight, please contact:
1. De Jachthaven, Helling 2, 4101 AE Culemborg      https://www.dehellingculemborg.nl
 2. De Rotonde,
Panweg 1, 4157 PB Enspijk                https://www.campingderotonde.nl

Can I easily disassemble the Busbiker?
If you do not use the Busbiker for a longer period of time, you can partially disassemble it.
Most people only dismantle the up-clapping part including lighting.
With a little more effort, the horizontally pivotable part can also be disassembled.
Color Busbiker
The Busbiker is only delivered in the color light gray.
On which autotypes fits the Busbiker?
The Busbiker fits only on the Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper and Peugeot Boxer.
Adjustments for Mercedes, Ford, Volkswagen and Renault etc are NOT possible.
Can I pick up the Busbiker myself in Culemborg?
Yes, after you have placed the order on our website you can also pick up the Busbiker in Culemborg.
Make sure that you have sufficient luggage space, the dimensions are unmounted 190 x 110 x 37cm.
You can also have the Busbiker delivered at a company near you, then it is delivered in a box packed on a pallet.
Delivery at a private location is not possible.
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