Wire harness 13p. Jaeger BB00072 Ducato 02.2011->06.2021, Jumper & Boxer 02.2011->2024...

13P/12V Wire harness

for vehicles:
- FIAT Ducato -         Van and Bus X250  02.2011 -> 06.2021
- PEUGEOT Boxer   Van and Bus X250  02.2011 ->
- CITROËN Jumper  Van and Bus X250  02.2011 ->

For vehicles of 2011 and 2012, first check that the rear light connectors are the same as the image. Opened packaging can not be returned.

TThis cable set is NOT suitable for the latest Fiat Ducato model from 07.2021.
This cable set is suitable for Jumper and Boxer models from year of construction 2022.